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Clean your piercings 2 times a day with a water and antibacterial soap . For best practice, do this in the morning and again each night. 

Before the Piercing

  • Be sure to have a good meal before your appointment.

  • Make sure you are well hydrated.

  • Have a good night’s rest the night before your piercing.

  • Be in a good mood!


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

  2. wash it moistening the area with a damp gauze with clean water or during the shower, apply antibacterial soap and rub until removing all the excess plasma that forms around the jewelry.

  3. Treat it every day with saline solution 5 minutes after washed . Once in the morning and once in the evening.

  4. Do not touch or let anyone else touch your piercing unless you are cleaning your piercing accurately with clean hands.

  5. Do not cause too much pressure or sleep on your piercing. It can cause granulomas or irritation bumps.

  6. We do not recommend that you change the jewelry out yourself. Do not remove the jewelry before it's fully healed.

  7. Do not apply topical creams. Avoid cleansers as they contain chemicals and softeners which irritate new piercings.

  8. Do not go swimming in the pool or at the beach. The bacteria and chemicals will damage your new piercing. We would recommend waiting for at least four weeks before swimming.

  9. Do not submerge your piercings in a bath. You will need to wait until your piercing heals completely before submerging your piercing in any water.

  10. Avoid saunas for at least one month.

  11. After one month, you'll need to come back to downsize/change your jewelry for your piercing to heal properly.

Good To Know

A piercing that is not fully healed can close in under an hour. Removing jewelry on your own increases the risk of the channel closing and having to professionally recover the piercing. You may also risk not being able to find both the entrance and exit of the piercing channel, causing damage to the piercing channel and inflicting unnecessary pain upon yourself.

  • Make sure that you sleep on a clean pillowcase. You may also cover your pillow in a clean t-shirt and change it daily.

  • As a last resort, you can sleep on a donut-shaped pillow or a neck pillow that provides a hole for freshly pierced ears and cover it as you would a normal pillow.

  • Do not wear high-waisted pants or belts for naval piercings while healing.

  • No push-up bras for nipple piercings. Snug tops are suitable to keep nipple piercings from moving too much. No foreplay with them for 1 month.

  • Be careful with animals. Protect the piercing from chemical contamination, cosmetics, and dust.

  • Do not use a bandaid unless for a microdermal piercing.

  • For oral piercings: no smoking, drinking, or consumption of hot or spicy foods. We recommend avoiding kissing for 1 week.

Week 1

You will feel some discomfort, heat, pressure, soreness, and swelling. You may even have some bleeding or even bruising which should still be just fine as long as you continue to clean it properly. You can do so by washing the piercing 2x a day. 2x daily especially when it’s hot outside.

  • Avoid  working out for the first week - take a break.

After any physical activity, make sure you clean the piercing the same way. washing and Spray with the specific bodily wound saline spray and clean it with sterile gauze . After, the first week the swelling and discomforts should subside. If they persist, it should still be okay. Feel free to reach out with any concerns or for a check-up.

At the mark of the first week, once a week make a warm compress for the piercing.

  • wash you piercing with water and antibacterial soap.

  • put water  or saline  solution in a cup

  • Microwave it for 10-15 seconds

  • Soak your sterile gauze in the solution

  • Sit with the warm compress for 10 minutes

This will allow your body to release any discharge, aid with swelling, and allow you to clean the crusties off more easily. Clean around the piercing afterward.

**Do not remove your piercing jewelry throughout the entire healing process. A professional must remove it for you in order to clean/downsize/ change jewelry/etc.**

Month 1

  1. No consumption of drugs/alcohol as they weaken the body’s immune system and thin the blood.

  2. The swelling may have gone down enough to downsize depending on the placement.

  3. Make sure you go to a piercer to have your piercing assessed, properly cleaned and downsized if necessary.

Fully Healed

Only at this point, you may have your labret replaced with a clicker/hoop of the appropriate quality (implant grade titanium or 14k/ 18k piercing gold in sizes 14 gauge or 16 gauge). Be sure to return to a piercer every 6 months to have your piercings and body jewelry that you are actively wearing professionally cleaned!

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Avoid swimming until your piercing has healed.

  • Other people’s body fluids are very harmful to the piercing that is healing and can very easily cause an infection.

  • When getting back home after your piercing appointment, be sure to change your bedsheets and pillowcases. Keeping these fresh throughout your healing period is strongly advised.

  • We only use implant-grade materials for initial piercings, so the pierced body tissue will not grow or heal into the jewelry. This means: DO NOT ROTATE or move jewelry around as this is counterproductive to the healing process.

  • You may notice secretions on or around the piercing site. Simply clean with your sterile saline solution. Do not pick at them, this can create an open wound and cause scarring or worse, an infection.

  • As always, drink a lot of water and do all that you can to stay in good health while healing your body piercings.

  • The client shall consult a health care professional at the 1st sign of infection or allergic reaction and report any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse event resulting from the application of a piercing to Mayan Art collective, 7 Chatham square New York, New York, 10038



For any questions or concerns, please reach out via email and one of our team members will assist you as soon as possible.

September , 2022

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