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  • ❄️ ON THE GO - PIERCING BUMP TREATMENT SALINE SWABS - Base Laboratories Piercing Aftercare Swabs are ideal for old and new ear piercings, nose piercings, body piercings, belly button piercings, nose piercing bump treatment, & more. 40 solution-filled swabs come packaged in a conveniently designed sanitary container. Use to accelerate the healing and a general piercing aftercare cleaning wash and disinfectant. Powered by all natural ingredients like saline, aloe vera, rosemary and tea tree oil.
  • ☁️ KELOID BUMP REMOVAL - EARRING CLEANER - No need to pull, rub or fiddle with your new piercing, which may aggravate it. Our sea salt swabs for ears and nose piercings comes in a pack of convenient swab applicators. Simply snap cotton q tip at the blue line to release the solution into the tip and apply directly to the piercing site. Accelerate the Healing with our bump aftercare treatment with sodium chloride. Our sea salt swabs help sanitize, cleanse and reduce bumps.
  • ⏰ NOSE EAR KELOID BUMP REMOVAL - Research indicates that creating a naturally optimal healing environment with a saline piercing aftercare spray solution produces shorter healing times than trying to heal with chemical agents, such as soap or bactine, which can extend the recovery time. Effectively clean and sanitize before, during and after piercings for a quick recovery. Powered by sea salt, aloe vera, rosemary and tea tree oil, and used as a medicated Swab Q Tips.
  • ❄️ NOSE PIERCING BUMP TREATMENT & KELOID BUMP REMOVAL - A safe and sterile piercing cleaner kit and piercing cleaning solution treatment for ears, nose and cartilage - featuring a no-fuss formulation of powerful natural ingredients. Distilled and purified water plus Isotonic Saline Salt Solution which is packed with anti-inflammatory and skin-healing minerals. Used for keloid bump remover, keloid bump shrinking, reduce piercing bumps, and cleanse with our saline piercing toner spray.
  • 🎯HEALING, CLEANSING & SANITIZING - FOR ALL TYPES OF PIERCINGS - Base Labs piercing bump treatment & keloid bump removal can be safely used to cleanse & soothe all body piercings and modifications, including on the face, cartilage, ears, naval, lip and nipples. Apply swab as needed to gently cleanse away dried discharge, debris, dirt and lymph secretions. Similar to a nose shrinking cream, our Nose piercing cleaning solution is used as a piercing infection treatment.
  • Base Labs Piercing Aftercare Swabs - Bump & Keloid Treatment Swabs Powered by Saline Solution and other Natural Ingredients

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    Piercing Aftercare Swabs by Base Labs: Keloid bumps are a type of raised scar which can occur where the skin has healed after a piercing. Saline washes away dead cells and other debris that build up around the piercing and form keloids, helping to prevent their formation making this solution a great keloid & bump remover.

    Keloid Bump Removal Swabs by Base Labs- Bump & Scar Reduction - Saline, a simple blend of pharmaceutical-grade water and sodium chloride, is a sterile solution that painlessly flushes and cleanses wounds, aids the healing process, reduces inflammation and prevents infection. Reduce Scars, Keloids and Bumps

    Accelerate the healing: Use Base Labs sea salt swabs on the go - For irritated existing piercings such as ear, nose, body piercings, bumps, scars and keloids, use our saline solution swabs to cleanse & sanitize the area. Keep your piercing site free from infection as it heals.

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    Powered by an Isotonic Saline Solution and other all natural soothing ingredients, is a natural topical cleansing solution for all new body piercings and modifications, keeping them clean and infec

    Base Labs Keloid Bump Removal Swabs | Medicated Piercing Aftercare Swabs for Pi

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