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Item Form Spray
Scent unscented
Skin Type all
Active Ingredients tea_tree_oil
  • ❄️ NATURALLY MEDICATED PIERCING AFTERCARE SPRAY - Base Labs piercing aftercare spray for new and old piercings and bump treatment solution is powered by our Isotonic Saline Solution which effectively reduces healing time and helps minimize the pain, irritation and inflammation associated with skin piercings. Use as a cleanser and disinfectant for piercings on the Ear, Nose, Belly Button, Bumps, Keloids, Earrings, Tattoo aftercare, piercing bump shrinking and more.
  • 🌊 ALL NATURAL SALINE SOLUTION PIERCING SPRAY - Safe and sterile aftercare piercing spray & wound wash featuring a no-fuss formulation of 2 very powerful natural ingredients - Sodium Chloride and Water. Our Isotonic Saline Solution is packed with anti-inflammatory and skin-healing minerals keeping infections at bay. Perfect for all types of piercings and used as a bump treatment.
  • ⏰ NATURALLY REDUCES HEALING TIME - Ear Piercing Cleaner - Research indicates that creating a naturally optimal healing environment with a saline salt spray for piercings and tattoo aftercare produces shorter healing times than trying to heal with chemical agents, such as soap or bactine which can extend the recovery time.
  • 🎯 FOR ALL BODY & ORAL PIERCINGS - Infected Piercing Treatment - Base Labs piercing aftercare spray - saline solution wound wash for skin - our kit can be safely used to cleanse & soothe all body and oral piercings and body modifications, including on the face, ears, tongue, cartilage, naval, nasal, lips, and nipples. Apply 2-3 sprays as needed to gently cleanse away dried discharge, debris, dirt, heal bumps, and lymph secretions.
  • 🌬 GENTLE SPRAY APPLICATION - No need to pull, rub or fiddle with your new piercing, which may aggravate it. Our recovery piercing aftercare spray comes in a convenient spray dispenser bottle, meaning you can mist the solution directly over the piercing without interfering with the surrounding skin. Try our piercing aftercare swab kit as well which is a similar solution but comes in a 50 pack of swabs.
  • Base Labs Saline Piercing Aftercare Spray

    base labs

    Base Labs piercing aftercare spray is a natural topical cleanser for all oral and body piercings and modifications, keeping them clean and infection free. Promotes fast and speedy recovery while effectively removing scabs, ichor, dirt, dried discharge and lymph secretions through the properties of the naturally healing saline solution.

    The Power Of Saline

    Piercing the skin on your body deliberately creates an open wound, which requires just as much care and attention as an accidental wound. In order to prevent an infection from developing, you should cleanse your piercing until it is fully healed. Saline, a simple blend of pharmaceutical-grade water and sodium chloride, is a sterile solution that painlessly flushes and cleanses wounds, aids the healing process, reduces inflammation and prevents infection.

    Offer gentle and effective support to your body's natural healing mechanisms with Base Labs piercing spray. Because your body deserves the best:

    pierce spraybase labspierce spray

    pierce spraypierce spray

    base labsbase labs

    pierce spraypierce spray

    Offer gentle and effective support to your body's natural healing mech

    Base Labs Piercing Aftercare Spray | 4oz | Cleanses, Sterilizes & Soothes | Sal

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